Liesbeth Verhelst


Psychological Consultations


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I offer specialized help and support to children and adolescents with socio-emotional problems such as anxieties, fear of failure, lack of self-esteem, behavioural problems or social problems or children with learning disorders, including attention problems, organisational problems or time management problems.


I work from a Cognitive Behavioural approach (CBT), which aims to explore the links between thoughts, emotions and behaviour. It is a directive and structured approach, which helps a person to develop more adaptive cognitions and behaviours. Goals are developed together with the child or adolescent, and depending on the child’s age, in collaboration with the parent(s).

Examples of interventions include problem solving techniques, coping skills, examining alternative ways of perception and thinking, breathing and relaxation techniques and the teaching of social skills through role play.


A psychological consultation costs 150 chf/hour. They are not reimbursed by the base insurance (LAMal) yet. However, some complementary health insurances partially reimburse psychological services. I recommend contacting your insurance company to obtain further information regarding reimbursement, as the coverage varies depending on the insurance policy and your contract.